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Inner Soul Crying Flags For Us To Choose
Banners and flags have been used to represent a group for thousands of years. Unfortunately, jumbo magnetic mailbox covers many people, almost exclusively in the People’s Republic of China and the two Korean republics, have decided that the Japanese naval flag has militaristic, nationalistic and imperialistic connotations. The Japanese ensign represents nothing more than Japan or more specifically the Japanese navy and there is no more reason for the Chinese or Korean republics to hate that flag any more or less than the national flag of Japan, the Hinomaru. In any case, it is probably a waste of time trying to attach too much thought to this process anyway, it is most likely an emotional reaction and not a natural one at that but, I suspect, one that has been purposely stirred up by Chinese and Korean politicians to serve their own ends. Much the same could be said for Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia which were all more or less ceded to Serbia after World War I to create what eventually became the Kingdom of Yugoslavia but which was effectively the "Greater Serbia" that Serb nationalists had been longing for. Just because China and North Korea abandoned their traditional symbols (South Korea kept basically the same flag they have always had, they just need to restore the monarchy that created it) and just because self-hating leftists in Japan have personal issues, it is no reason to allow them to force a change on the majority of faithful and upright people.
Some leftists even objected to and opposed the law passed in 1999 to again officially designate the traditional flag as the legal national flag of Japan. Already in Japan today there is so much concern about appearing too proud or too nationalistic or upsetting their extremely sensitive republican neighbors that the national flag is not widely displayed. After all, how much contact could there have been between the Chinese or Koreans and the Imperial Japanese Navy considering that, in those days, neither country had much of a navy at all? In truth, this type of turret would be much more appropriate for my Winter War force. At a time of great crisis for the Spanish empire, Spain itself was embroiled in civil war which ensured the near total collapse of the empire. A visit to Ireland by the Queen was canceled due to concerns over a bomb threat (please lets not start that again), Prince William, amidst dreams of Africa and hopes that little Prince George will be devoted to conservation, announced that after his current tour of duty is up he will be devoting his time to royal duties and his charitable causes (as well as being a parent) instead of his current occupation as a rescue-pilot.
Youngsters can meet Santa Claus, share their want lists with him, get an image, as well as pay a visit to his workshop. How about including a visit to Hurricane Harbor Water Park New Jersey, one of the awesome Six Flags water or theme parks nationwide. The butterfly has six long delicate legs. It is not and never has been the flag of any faction or political party like the flag of Nazi Germany. The Japanese naval flag, on the other hand, was not the flag of any political party or faction and long pre-dated those who set policy immediately prior to and during the Second World War. Concerning this, my first thought is that there may be some mistaken identity at work here on the part of those who look for things to be offended about. Always remember to choose an agent who works for you and with you, instead of choosing one based solely on experience. To put it another way, no one is upset today that the flag of the Italian Republic is exactly the same as the Fascist puppet state Hitler put Mussolini in charge of in northern Italy. I have wondered and any confusion is probably made worse by the fact that the Japanese Ground Self-Defense Force (successor of the Imperial Japanese Army) does not use the same flag as the old IJA but uses a similar but more simplified version.
In the same way, Japan has always been known as "The Land of the Rising Sun" and the image of the rising sun has always been a symbol of Japan. They are quite similar, the most noticeable difference being that the Imperial Japanese Army flag had the sun disc in the center of the flag while that of the navy was slightly off center, closer to the fly. I can only speculate that some of these people may be confusing the flag of the Imperial Japanese Navy with that of the Imperial Japanese Army. Are all of these people really offended by the Imperial Army flag and just do not know any better? Many refer to it as the "Rising Sun flag", which is certainly not an official title and could be used to describe any Japanese flag, but there are many misconceptions about this flag that should be cleared up. Furthermore, all monarchists around the world should stand with the Japanese in defense of the "Rising Sun flag" just as we should all stand together anytime a symbol of monarchy is under threat, misused or attacked. It is a dangerous road to be on that, if accepted, can lead in only one direction which, make no mistake about it, would include the abolition of the monarchy itself -which would mean the end of Japan entirely, plain and simple.
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